2023 BMW 540d Touring Reaches Top Speed on the Autobahn

BMW is saying farewell to the G31 5 Series Touring as the automaker prepares to introduce its successor, the G61. However, the current 5 Series Touring was taken for a spin on the Autobahn to test the limits of its inline-six engine. The 540d is the most powerful diesel version available now that the M550d is no longer in production. Equipped with the Life Cycle Impulse and a mild-hybrid setup, the twin-turbo 3.0-litre engine produces 340 hp and 700 Nm of torque. No wonder it’s the perfect vehicle for cruising the German highways with decent fuel consumption.

BMW G31 5 Series Touring remains one of the most attractive vehicles in the company’s current lineup. The 540d Touring looks sleek with the M Sport Package, Shadowline black accents, laser headlights, and Grigio Telesto Pearl paint from the Individual catalogue. However, the all-black interior theme may leave something to be desired for some.

The outgoing 5 Series is set to be replaced by the G61, which will be the first BMW model to feature iDrive 8.5. The interior is expected to have fewer traditional controls, resulting in a more simplified look. BMW plans to continue using diesel power for the next-generation 5 Series. The demand for these engines in Europe is still significant enough to justify their production for at least another generation.

BMW G31 5 Series Touring remains a powerful and attractive vehicle that will be missed. Its successor, the G61, will likely feature a more modern interior design with fewer traditional controls. While BMW plans to continue producing diesel engines for the next-generation 5 Series, the future of combustion engines is uncertain. The EU voting to ban sales of new ICE vehicles from 2035.

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