[VIDEO] Three Months in a BMW 420i Coupe – Joe Achilles

Press vehicle loans often last a week long. For most publications and journalists, a day or two is enough and it depends on the scheduling. However, there are times that car companies give loaners a longer-term for some pubs or journos. It is for giving more time for the evaluation of the vehicle. Thus, making it a great day for Joe Achilles for the opportunity to secure a long-term BMW 420i Coupe for three months. What is it like to live with it every day? Find out on this new video by Joe Achilles. 

Even if the BMW 420i is the least exciting version of the car, there is still quite a bit to like it. The 420i weighs a remarkable 1,600 kg (3,500-ish lbs) which is the lightest in the 4 Series. It does not make much power and is not that light as other BMW cars. However, it is still comfortable, relaxing, and quiet, good enough for daily use. The 420i Coupe is packed with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder with 184 horsepower and an automatic gearbox. In Joe’s case, it is a rear-wheel drive. The 420i is not an enthusiast’s choice, but it still comes in handy.

Suppose that Achilles appreciates the quality and fuel economy, the driving position, and the interior design. According to him, it’s just a nice car to drive for daily use. Because it is a 420i, it is not to be urged on the road roughly. So if you’re not the kind of driver who is into drags, you might as well consider the 420i. The BMW 420i is calming enough and is of a better use for daily utilization.

The 4 Series is more of a baby-GT car than being a sports car. Achilles, in his video, seems to imply the same thoughts and feeling about the BMW 420i. If you are a fan of comfort and looking for a stylish premium coupe, then the BMW 420i is an option. It will surely save extra money on you for the fuel.

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