[VIDEO] Deformed BMW 4 Series’ Impressive Body Restoration

An internet sensation among car enthusiasts Arthur Tussik works on a BMW 4 Series Coupe Car for several hours. Car enthusiasts know how skilled and patient Arthur Tussik is in body repair. Now it’s time for a newer car than the roadster after bringing a Z4 M40i (G29) and an M6 (F13) back in shape. 

It doesn’t take much to wreck a car, although the BMW 430i xDrive in question is only a year old at most. The front bumper’s orange side marks and the small license plate show that he’s dealing with a car designed for the United States. The car didn’t take long for it to end up in this state. It looks like the sports coupe has had a difficult life.

Looking at how all airbags deployed during the impact, including the front passenger’s, it appears that the car has been T-boned. The door no longer rests flush with the body, and the quarter panel has seen better days. There is some minor damage on the driver’s side, particularly at the corner of the taillight. Moreover, the missing bumper and the misaligned trunk lid is far worse than the good condition of the front fascia.

Restoring the coupe’s body took more than two days. It is far from the expected quick fix of Arthur Tussik for his initial assessment. Dismantling the 4er’s damaged areas like a Lego will be the first step as usual. The BMW is nearly a new car, as seen on the factory-fitted protective film on the side sills and its immaculate leather upholstery. 

In the 19 minutes, the video contains the compressed 50 hours of work time-lapse. The damage made is no simple task for the body repairman. In addition, repairing it requires painting the left taillight and the rear bumper as well.

Hopefully, before the car returns on the road, there should be replaced airbags. Stumbling upon a US-spec, nearly new 430i xDrive listed for sale in Europe needs to be extra careful. Structural rigidity is concerning as well with these massive repair jobs. 

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