A 2023 BMW 330i LCI test drive reveals what a BMW should be

The 2023 BMW 330i LCi runs a test drive at a press event, along with the new 7 Series twins, the X1, the X7 M60i, and the M4 CSL. While several BMW enthusiasts had the chance to pick what car to test, many chose the 330i stating that it is the epitome of the 3 Series. They mentioned how the 330i most accurately embodies the values of BMW.

Recently, BMW hasn’t been itself. SUVs and compact crossovers are the focus of every BMW promo or advertisement. The brand’s advertising focuses clearly on trucks and SUVs if you don’t know better. But you could assume it has always been predominantly a truck and SUV firm. BMW, on the other hand, is known for its compact, sporty cars. They put more emphasis on handling, steering, braking, and fun than on power, technology, and luxury. The BMW 330e plug-in hybrid and M340i, as impressive as they are, seem to belong in the latter category. What a 3 Series should be is the BMW 330i.

The 3 Series receives a normal BMW LCI update for 2023. That calls for brand-new headlamps that are sportier, leaner, and without the small undercut of the pre-LCI car’s headlights. The front air intakes and the grille have both been modified. Overall, it has a sportier appearance than the previous model and appears a lot better in person. It’s a wonderfully stylish small sport sedan that will make BMW enthusiasts feel at home.

The B58 engine from BMW is constantly in the spotlight, and for a good reason—it is excellent. It is constantly prepared to play and has a ton of power and performance in a silky-smooth body. However, while BMW’s M Performance cars typically add a layer of elegance and refinement to differentiate themselves from the M proper, the vehicles it powers can occasionally be extremely bland, such as the M340i. Therefore, the lighter, cleaner feel of BMW’s automobiles with smaller engines is extremely welcome.

Only a 2.0-litre turbo-four with 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque is available in the BMW 330i. The single on-hand transmission is a ZF eight-speed automatic. And while xDrive is optional, good luck finding a new 3 Series that doesn’t have all-wheel drive. Even if that doesn’t sound like the most exciting powertrain configuration, it’s more than sufficient.

BMW’s non-M vehicles have never been about high performance or cutting-edge technology. They aimed to achieve the ideal balance between comfortable daily driving and sporty handling. Better than any other BMW now on the market, the new BMW 330i excels at this. BMW has demonstrated that it is still capable of being exactly what it is intended to be. This is possible while also appearing to be diverted from being who it truly is.

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