[VIDEO] Savagegeese Reviews the BMW M240i

Right now, the BMW M240i is one of the best-driving Bimmers on the market. According to one review, the brand’s portfolio was the best-driving non-M BMW. However, it is more than simply a superb driver’s car. The M240i is a remarkably well thought out, well made and practical daily driver. In this new video from Savagegeese, you’ll get a detailed analysis of the BMW M240i and why it’s so outstanding.

The initial release of the M240i caused controversy among enthusiasts over its appearance. Although other parts are questionable, some features also look good. Compared to the 4-series, however, the 2er is a much more attractive car. You can not complain about the interior, though. It is incredibly well finished and has excellent technology that even surpasses its somewhat expensive price. In addition, BMW has perfectly implemented the small details such as the seating position, the view to the outside, the large windows and the sufficiently large luggage compartment.

The most important thing about the M240i, however, is how it drives. All BMW’s other efforts are in vain if it does not drive like a real BMW should. The M240i runs quite well on the whole. Savagegeese knows it’s not trying to be a real sports car, but they also think it’s a bit too soft and numb. Instead, it is a high-quality, comfortable sports coupe for every day, and that makes perfect sense if you look at it that way.

By putting up on a lift, the Savagegeese also check out all of the engineering under the skin. It’s both annoying and beautiful what BMW has managed to do to make it both sporty and comfortable. For its driving performance, it has been able to build a fantastic chassis and brilliant suspension. However, to mute the NVH of this impressive suspension, it needs to add a lot of damping. If someone were to remove a lot of this NVH damping, it would be very interesting. Car enthusiasts believe that the BMW M2 will do it.

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