[VIDEO] BMW M240i xDrive reviewed by Joe Achilles

Joe Achilles just had the opportunity to test the BMW M240i xDrive extensively, and many are curious about his opinion of it for many reasons. Achilles not only owns the previous-generation BMW M2, which serves as a wonderful base for the M240i. He also owns the current BMW M3 Competition, currently BMW’s most incredible car on the market. Both of his vehicles are excellent points of comparison for the M240i. So what is his opinion?

This is his first drive of the BMW M240i in the UK. He has previously driven the M240i in Germany, which can produce significantly different results than driving a car in the UK because of the near-perfect German roads. Roads in the UK can be rough, with strange curves and potholes, especially remote roads. So what kind of the second experience does the M240i leave behind, especially on British roads?

Achilles’ observations are very interesting. The BMW M240i has a lot going for it, but it is far from flawless. Other reviews have said that it is the best-driving non-M BMW on the market. However, that was more a criticism of the rest of the BMW portfolio than praise for the M240i.

The BMW M240i is undeniably fast thanks to its 382-hp 3.0-litre turbo I6 engine. It’s also competent, fast and comfortable. However, it lacks engagement and steering feel. Achilles says one of the M240i’s main rivals, the Audi RS3 Sportback, offers better steering feel and is more fun to drive. If a die-hard BMW fan prefers Audi’s handling and feels like a BMW coupe, there must be serious problems with the Bimmer.

Overall, the BMW M240i is a fantastic vehicle, but it is not without its drawbacks. Still, it’s unusual in the marketplace because there are not many rear-wheel drive small coupes with six-cylinder engines in its price range. Plus, the M240i seems like a fantastic deal compared to the performance of some of its true M-car cousins.

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