[VIDEO] BMW M240i xDrive MPG Test by Out of Spec Studios

The fuel economy is one of the most significant factors when deciding between the BMW M2 and the BMW M240i xDrive. It is something that people strangely take into account in real life. When you buy an M vehicle, many could argue that little details will not be a concern anymore. However, the range might be a problem, and the fuel cost does build up over time.

The video above provides more details for car enthusiasts that are curious about this sort of performance. The practicality of a car like the BMW M240i is rarely questioned during press testing or in the majority of reviews online. Considering how exciting the performance is and how raspy the sound is behind the wheel gets more car enthusiasts’ attention. On the other hand, Out of Spec Studios decided to put the mpg figures to the test in real life.

Like they do with all of their cars, they decided to put the M240i xDrive out on a track. The host runs the M240i at 70 mph to see how much gas it will consume at the end of the loop. Also, the review considered that not everyone will always follow speed limits. Hence, Out of Spec Studios aims to simulate real-life driving scenarios in this review. On top of that, the BMW M240i xDrive’s onboard computer recorded an average of 36.8 mpg at the end of the test run. Out of Spec Studios decided to put the cars in an ultimate test at the pump despite the system’s accurate estimation.

Moreover, according to their calculations, the M240i produced a real-life 37.3 mpg and, therefore, was considered more fuel-efficient. The M240i outperformed the onboard computer’s estimations. In addition, it also beats the EPA’s test, which impresses the guys from Out of Spec Studios.

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