[VIDEO] BMW M135i xDrive On The Road With Joe Achilles

Fans were unhappy when BMW converted the 1 Series to front-wheel drive. Joe Achilles, owner of the best 1 Series ever made, shared the same sentiment. Owning the tough M140i, it’s interesting to know what he thinks of 1 Series in front-wheel-drive. Watch this video of BMW M135i xDrive on the road with Joe Achilles.

Most believed that BMW weakened its legacy when 1 series became an FWD. It caused debates among previous-gen 1 Series owners who loved the combination of rear-wheel-drive agility and hot-hatch functionality.

Joe Achilles didn’t like the BMW M135i even before the update. It was too dull and unexciting for him, especially when compared to its rear-drive, six-cylinder predecessor. So, will Joe find this updated M135i any better?

Let’s look at what this new BMW M135i xDrive has to offer. To begin with, it gained a flashy Sao Paulo Yellow exterior color. The new 1 Series adopted this shade from the BMW M4, giving a lot of visual excitement to a relatively plain-looking car. 

The company certainly heard the complaints about the M135i’s handling. BMW gave the new car updated springs/dampers and increased negative camber on both axles. It also has redesigned rear axle, and steering modifications.

In many aspects, BMW applied what worked well for the recently preferred 128ti to the M135i. And for the most part, it seems this trick really worked.

Enthusiasts will never pick the new BMW M135i as a favorite compared with the M140i. Nevertheless, these new improvements significantly impact the M135i’s driving dynamics. 

The BMW M135i xDrive isn’t ideal. More driver-focused fans will also still prefer the rear-drive, straight-six-powered M240i Coupe. But this updated version gets closer to BMW’s intention for when it originally appeared. Check out the video and see how Joe Achilles took the BMW M135i xDrive on the road.

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