Test Drive: BMW 128ti – the best BMW 1 Series for Sale

The pure front-wheel-drive and sporty BMW 128ti arrived in the hot hatch space and stood to its competitor – the VW Golf GTI Mk8. Mark Rutten states in his review that he prefers the new BMW 128ti over its more powerful brother – the M135i. Mark dives into more details giving his insights about the BMW 128ti.

Test Drive BMW 128ti, the best BMW 1 Series for Sale 2

Unlike the M135i, the 128ti uses a front-wheel-drive. The BMW 128ti takes off 80 kilograms of its weight due to the removal of the rear-wheel drivetrain. It still weighs around 1445 kg, which is not lightweight compared to MINI’s GP3. This track-focused 128ti comes powered by the same twin-scroll-turbocharged four-cylinder engine with the same performance.

Test Drive BMW 128ti, the best BMW 1 Series for Sale 1

The engine comes with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. There is no manual version of the car, but there is a limited-slip differential for standard. It has a crunchy acceleration of 6.1 seconds from 0 to 100km/h with a top speed of 250km/h or 155mph. The BMW 128ti’s sprint time is a bit slower than the M Performance model and MINI. The lower powerband is also noticeable when driving. Engineers at BMW lowered the M Sport suspension by 10mm. They also added firmer anti-roll bar mounts and fitted 8% stiffer shock absorbers and springs.

The outcome is a good combination of sophistication and sportiness from BMW. It is also a bit too polished yet fun on one end. The BMW 128ti only lacks power when compared to the GP3 and M135i. However, it offers enough power with its newly improved handling. 

Test Drive BMW 128ti, the best BMW 1 Series for Sale 3

The Bavarians added touches of red in the design in both the interior and exterior of the car. Its logos are on the sides, along with the red details on the rear and sides. It also has on the bodywork front and red callipers of the M Sport braking system. 

The backrest of its sports seats covered in Race Red surface comes with the “ti” badge embroidered in the armrest. Its standard lighting is also in red to fit the red touches of the interior.

Overall, it offers a great combination of sportiness and comfortable driving. Good enough to bring out a good hot hatch.

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