Next-gen BMW 1 Series Reimagined in This New Render

When the current BMW 1 Series first came out, it received divided reactions and reviews from fans and enthusiasts. There were several reasons it happened. Onlookers were not happy about the fact that that it is now front-wheel drive, with both inside and exterior design looking a bit off. Yet, it made a strong rebound with its added practical features. It became a popular choice for many while the sales skyrocketed. However, it’s never too early to think about the future. The F40 1er began production in 2019, and by the time it goes out of production, the roads will look quite different.

Next-gen BMW 1 Series Reimagined in This New Render

According to some sources, the last models will roll off the assembly line in June 2024. This makes the F40 generation one of the shortest production schedule from the Bavarian company. It means that three more years, and we’ll welcome a new one.

As BMW continues to take on the greener path, by then, going electric for the next BMW 1 Series might be one of their most plausible choices. Also, there’s no hybrid or EV choice available in the smallest BMW line-up that you can buy. The question is, if the F40 goes electric, how would such a car shape up?

Next-gen BMW 1 Series Reimagined in This New Render

This rendering by Teodoradze Giorgi might just be the next look of the forthcoming 1er. It shows a new face for the 1 Series, sporting larger nostrils and has them well integrated into the overall look of the front fascia. The front bumper has a seamless cut while the headlights look narrower and stretched towards the sides. When you look closely, you can see the charging port on the front left side fender.

Meanwhile, the rear end looks like an evolution of what the current 1 Series has. The reimagined new design comes from the embedded LED lightbar from side to side. The included tailpipes suggest a hybrid model at the very least. Overall, it’s not a wasted effort as everything still looks sharp and plausible. We’re still pretty far off from seeing the car in the metal and what BMW designers choose for it. However, seeing the 1er shape up like this wouldn’t be bad at all.

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