Amazon’s Alexa Takes the Wheel in BMW Cars

In a game-changing CES 2024 announcement, Amazon and BMW have teamed up to revolutionize the in-car experience. This collaboration integrates a large language model (LLM), Alexa, and the driver’s manual to enhance the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

BMW’s new system lets users interact with an Alexa-powered chatbot for real-time info about their vehicles. The LLM, combined with the driver’s manual, allows users to ask questions about car features and receive conversational answers, simplifying the learning process.

Beyond information delivery, BMW’s advanced voice tech lets users command the chatbot to perform actions like entering a drive mode. Integrated with the infotainment system, users can control various aspects hands-free, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Amazon and BMW emphasize that their joint effort aims to “strip away complexity and minimize distractions in the car.” This blend of advanced LLM and Alexa tech will be integrated into BMW vehicles with Operating System 9 (iDrive 9), with the potential for iDrive 8.5 yet to be confirmed.

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