Eight Generations of Excellence: The new BMW G60 5 Series arrives in Singapore

Following the legacy of the Neue Klasse sedans and boasting a history spanning over five decades, the BMW 5 Series unquestionably stands as one of BMW’s most vital offerings, designed to cater to the jet-set executive crowd with a penchant for proper driving dynamics. Now, in its eighth generation, the all-new 5 Series, known as the G60, has finally made its debut in Singapore.

First and foremost, while the rest of the world enjoys a variety of drivetrain options, our local market will initially offer only two: the petrol-driven 520i and, for the very first time, a fully electric variant, the i5 eDrive40. A third, more powerful dual-motor electric model, the i5 M60, is slated for an early 2024 release.

While the previous generation of the 5 Series followed an evolutionary path in terms of aesthetics, the latest iteration takes a revolutionary leap in its appearance. It abandons the softer lines and more traditional surfacing of its predecessors in favour of a leaner, sharper, and minimalist exterior design that looks progressive enough to be an extra generation ahead. One notable return is the forward-facing shark-nosed grille, now featuring an illuminated outline known as the ‘iconic glow,’ bringing a cherished BMW design signature to a new generation.

For those keen on numbers, the new 5 Series is now 97 millimetres longer, measuring 5,060 millimetres in length, 32 millimetres wider at 1,900 millimetres, and 36 millimetres taller at 1,515 millimetres. Its wheelbase has also been extended by 20 millimetres to 2,995 millimetres.

Inside, the revolution continues with a cockpit that seems to have been borrowed directly from the exquisite 7 Series. Although it may look similar, the 5 Series’ driving environment has been subtly redesigned to place a stronger emphasis on the driving experience.

Continuing our focus on the driving experience, the heart of the BMW i5 Sedan beats to the electric rhythm of a fifth-generation BMW eDrive system. Under its hood, an electric motor propels 250 kW/340 hp of power and up to 400 Nm of peak torque through the rear wheels. Allowing this electric sedan to effortlessly surge from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds towards its limited 193 km/h top speed.

For those who still prefer petrol power, this generation of the 5 Series marks a significant milestone as it’s likely the last time it will ever be available purely with an internal combustion engine. While it may be worth noting that the much-loved B58 variants are not offered in our market, the B48-powered 520i available in Singapore should more than suffice for local traffic demands, boasting a respectable 205hp and 330Nm of torque at your disposal. It’s no slouch either, capable of accelerating to 100km/h in a brisk 7.5 seconds. While the 520i boasts an impressive top speed of 230km/h, catching up to its electric counterpart might take a while.

That said, whichever powertrain you prefer, there are 20 special launch edition units allocated for Singapore, featuring Titanium Bronze accents on the interior and exterior trims, kidney grilles, and 20-inch wheels.

Although we haven’t had the opportunity to take the new 5 Series for a spin and provide a detailed review just yet, you can check out the car in person at any authorized BMW dealer in Singapore.

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