Vision Neue Klasse: BMW’s Brand Evolution Beckons

Every new BMW conversation inevitably circles back to the grille, and the Vision Neue Klasse is no exception. Its front design echoes the Vision Dee launched earlier. Pondering how to reduce parts while elevating the BMW identity, Domagoj Dukec found a solution. He fused the kidney grille and headlamps, championing both simplicity and sustainability. The outcome? A design that’s sleek, elegant, and universally appealing. While the headlights deviate from the traditional round shape, the iconic twin-lamp style persists. To Dukec, this design is undeniably BMW at its core.

Domagoj aimed to strip away any superfluous elements, especially at the front. Naturally, there are minimal lighting components at the rear. The taillights integrate flawlessly with the back, mimicking a slightly extended trunk spoiler and serving its purpose. A distinct bumper wraps around the rear, adding a touch of intrigue. This aerodynamic diffuser contrasts subtly with the car’s streamlined body. Emphasising sustainability, the BMW Roundel is etched directly onto the car’s aluminium body.

Domagoj Dukec notes that the Neue Klasse, while spacious inside, boasts a compact side profile. He mentions the 3 Series has typically been a tad smaller than its competitors. The low beltline, reminiscent of vintage BMW designs, embodies lightness and the sheer pleasure of driving. Another nod to heritage is the unbroken body line stretching the car’s length. The iconic Hofmeister kink, now more pronounced, concludes at the rear doors. Elements like door handles and mirrors in the Neue Klasse models might evolve, addressing common concept car concerns.

BMW believes the Neue Klasse will redefine its brand identity. From my perspective, the Vision car showcases a distilled version of BMW’s hallmark design ethos. Here’s hoping the drive matches the allure. Remember, the Neue Klasse isn’t just one car but a series. The Vision is a mere glimpse. When asked about the Vision Neue Klasse’s feasibility for 2025, Domagoj confidently states it’s “very realistic.”

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