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BMW iX1 Dominates Sales Charts: Redefining Crossover Success

In July 2023, BMW’s new X1 (U11) emerged as the sales leader in Germany with 3,190 registrations, outpacing the 3 Series Sedan and Touring by a slim margin of 44 units. This achievement owes much to the BMW iX1, the electric SUV accounting for over 37 percent of X1 registrations with an impressive 1,184 units. The BMW X3 secured third place with 2,029 units sold.

The new BMW i5 had 252 registered units in Germany, though these cars are yet to reach customers, potentially comprising BMW-owned i5s or initial dealer orders. Press drives are slated for September, hinting at customer deliveries soon after.

Year-to-date numbers show the 3 Series leading with 16,879 units, closely followed by the X1 and iX1 duo at 15,934 units. The BMW 4 Series, despite design criticism, claimed third place with 12,667 registrations, edging out the 5 Series by 100 units.

The iX1 EV continues to make waves, with 1,184 registrations in July, nearly double the i4’s 675 registrations. Yearly figures highlight the iX1’s lead at 6,001 units against the i4’s 4,532 units. However, the BMW iX1 remains absent from the U.S. market. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) represent 12.25 percent of new BMW registrations, while Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) stand at 8.75 percent, leaving 79 percent reliant on conventional fuels.

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