[VIDEO] What does Doug DeMuro Say on the BMW iX’s Quirkiness

Doug DeMuro has become known for his slogan “Quirks and Features”, which he uses in all his videos. DeMuro can identify the most intriguing features of any vehicle. That’s probably why he had a blast with the BMW iX, the brand’s quirkiest vehicle.

In his latest video, DeMuro takes a closer look at the BMW iX and all its fascinating features. The iX is full of crazy little features, from its self-healing kidney “grille” to its ethically coloured leather upholstery. That’s because it’s one of the most advanced cabins BMW has ever produced. The last time I sat in an iX, I said it was the most beautiful BMW cabin ever produced. I still believe that.

The BMW iX has a unique exterior design, but it also causes a lot of controversy. For example, some BMW enthusiasts are not happy with the look of the car. ‘It looks amazing from certain angles, but I can understand why some people are not happy. Also, it’s not flawless.’ Even for an electric car of this calibre and size, the boot is woefully undersized. The lack of boot feels like a missed opportunity, even though the car is the same length as an X5 and has fewer mechanical components.

Still, there is a lot to admire. The most notable feature is the car’s handling. DeMuro is not the only one who finds the BMW iX surprisingly enjoyable. Almost all the reviews highlight the smooth ride. Although the iX is a sport utility vehicle, it is obvious that BMW has prioritised comfort over performance when designing the car.

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