[VIDEO] BMW iX M60 Drives on Beach with 610 Horsepower

Indeed, the newly released BMW iX M60 is worth the attention of many car enthusiasts and comes with some impressive specifications. On top of that, BMW iX M60 is the fastest electric SUV BMW has ever created. It also has two electric motors that can deliver up to 610 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque. BMW combined the letters i, X and M for the first time. Of all places, the team drove to Iceland to capture a few beautiful stills and a few short videos for the car’s launch.

BMW did not randomly choose Reynisfjara beach for the iX M40’s review. The beach’s black sand feature is a rare sight to see around the globe. It’s a famous tourist attraction on Iceland’s South Coast. Photographers also took the new BMW iX M60’s hundreds of photos in the location for a few days. Watch the stunning video of the BMW iX M60’s above resulting from the collaborative effort. 

It’s fascinating how no one seems to worry about the BMW iX M60 driving onto the beach and getting stranded. However, many photographers promised never to try shooting on the beach again—still, many like doing a photoshoot on the beach. Without any doubt, numerous manufacturers still want to do similar videos and photoshoots regularly.

The video conveys that this is a new era, whether stuck or not. It is better to keep in mind that whether it comes in the form of the BMW iX M60 or not, it is BMW’s new technological flagship. The M-tuned SUVs with the M60 model is leading many car enthusiasts into the realm of the electrified. If the new BMW car lives up to the hype, it should be exciting. Drivers will have to find out for themselves once they have the opportunity to drive it.

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