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BMW iX is Norway’s third best-selling EV in January 2022

As the third best-selling electric car in January 2022, it is no wonder that the BMW iX is already famous in Norway. Since the introduction of electric cars, Norway has been a pioneer in introducing electric cars. The beautiful Scandinavian country was among the first to introduce e-vehicles and now has the largest share of e-vehicle sales globally.

BMW iX is Norway's third best-selling EV in January 2022

Electric vehicles account for 6,659 of the 7,959 new cars sold in Norway in January, a great percentage. Globally, Norwegians are the most EV-loving people, with a whopping 83.7 percent of all new cars sold last month. 444 BMW iXs were among the 6,659 electric cars sold in Norway last month. That’s fantastic news for BMW, especially given how new and expensive the iX is.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Audi Q4 e-Tron, cheaper than the iX, were the only two electric cars that sold more than the BMW iX in Norway. It appears that the iX’s unique looks haven’t put people off. Although Norway isn’t necessarily the best indicator of an EV’s popularity, all EVs are popular there. Thanks to its wonderful cabin, intriguing technology, and excellent performance, the iX will sell well worldwide.

Moreover, the BMW iX is now available in only two trim levels: xDrive40 and xDrive50. The former has a smaller battery (76.6 kWh) and a shorter range (260 miles). In contrast, the latter has a larger battery (111.5 kWh) and a more extended range (420 miles) (310 miles). It won’t be available for a while, but the high-performance BMW iX M60 with 610 horsepower and a fantastic 811 lb-ft of torque is underway.

BMW iX is Norway's third best-selling EV in January 2022

Even in Norway, where most EVs sell well, seeing the BMW iX start well on the sales sheet is promising. In a less EV-friendly country, like the US, it’s interesting to see how the iX sells.

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