2023 BMW iX1 Comes in Frozen Pure Grey

The BMW iX1 is building out to be the greatest-looking SUV in BMW’s range, so it’s a shame it won’t be available in the United States. It’s minimalistic, sporty, and slick all at the same time. Compared to the new BMW XM, which is outrageously stylized, this model is almost the opposite. iX1 is a breath of fresh air, and the Frozen Pure Grey colour scheme helps it stand out.

Seeing the BMW iX1 in Frozen Pure Grey in these new photos makes us wish it was available in the United States. Matte grey gives this otherwise unremarkable automobile a sportier vibe. This automobile is attractive because it adds visual interest to an otherwise understated design.

BMW’s electric iX1 is essentially a plug-in hybrid of the regular X1. The U.S. market will receive the standard X1, while the electrified version will be kept over the Atlantic. It also has 308 hp and 364 lb-ft of torque from its two electric motors. Its 272 mile range isn’t far off from the flagship BMW iX’s 300 miles. BMW iX1’s attractive aesthetics, elegant interior, and good cabin make it a high-quality vehicle.

As a bonus, it’s neat that BMW is providing a wide range of vibrant hues for what otherwise will be a dull automobile. The BMW iX1, with its inexpensive premium price and appealing electric drivetrain, is only a people mover. Frozen Pure Grey’s splash of colour and energy is a welcome change. Anyone who invests in a BMW iX1 in this matte hue will be the proud owner of a vehicle well-suited for the daily grind and the daily show.

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