Safety  Initiative: Recall on 2024 i5 Models for Warning Sound

BMW recalls 4,926 2024 i5 electric vehicles due to a critical software glitch affecting the external artificial sound system. This system, crucial for pedestrian safety, may malfunction, leading to the electric car’s near-silent approach. 

The recall is a precautionary measure, with BMW providing free software updates at authorized dealerships. Although no accidents or injuries have been reported, the recall aims to eliminate the potential risk of silent vehicle approaches, prioritizing pedestrian safety.

Owners of the 2024 BMW i5 can expect notification letters in February 2024. Alternatively, they can verify their vehicle’s inclusion in the recall by checking the VIN on the NHTSA website. 

This incident underscores the crucial role of vehicle owners in staying informed about safety concerns and taking proactive steps, such as scheduling repairs and software updates, to guarantee road safety for themselves and others.

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