BMW i5 Gets AI Art Facelift for Art Basel Show

This month, BMW is not revealing a new Art Car. Instead, they’re reimagining the new all-electric 5 Series sedan, the i5, into a metallic marvel. This radiant masterpiece is ready to mesmerize spectators at this year’s Art Basel in Switzerland. Interestingly, its transformation didn’t involve any traditional hand painting. There’s no actual paint on it. It’s entirely the outcome of an innovative digital approach.

Now known as “The Electric AI Canvas,” the i5 has become a moving exhibition for AI-created designs. The patterns draw from a massive pool of over 50,000 images spanning 900 years of art history, merged into abstract liveries. This blend of old and new art stars on the G60. It’s a 5060 millimetres (199.2 inches) long vehicle, making it the longest 5 Series BMW has ever made.

Nvidia’s StyleGAN AI learned to design unique abstract animations using the massive image collection. The stunning outcome looks even better, thanks to mirrors surrounding the two i5 eDrive40 electric vehicles. These cars will grace the Basel art exhibition on the Rhine until June 18. So, if you’re curious, make sure to pay a visit!

The i5 isn’t this year’s only vibrant BMW. The i Vision Dee, with its colour-changing E Ink tech, made waves at Las Vegas CES. This unique electric car opted for a fresh tactic, using 32 colours over 240 E Ink parts to change its body colour. This signifies a huge leap from the previous year’s iX Flow, which was confined to black, white, and grey shades.

At New York’s Guggenheim Museum on June 28, exciting revelations await about the new Art Car. Our sources hint that the 20th BMW Art Car, greenlit and ready for unveiling, embodies a race car’s spirit. There’s buzz that it could base itself on the M Hybrid V8, especially given its scheduled appearance at the esteemed 2024 Le Mans.

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