[VIDEO] The BMW i4 M50 is Top Gear’s “Saloon of the Year”

The winner of Top Gear’s “Saloon of the Year” is BMW’s latest i4 M50. The very first electric car with the M badge leaves all its four-door competitors behind. That’s pretty unusual, especially since it’s not exactly the kind of four-door sports car we know from BMW. While the Porsche 911 GT3 gets most of the awards, we can not just ignore the kind of award it received.


The Top Gear judges knew that the i4 M50 was a rather unusual candidate for the award. Still, it impressed them enough to come out on top against other four-door cars in the segment. Here are some of the reasons why it won them over. Compared to the BMW M3 Competition, the new all-electric i4 M50 has more torque. It’s also incredibly fast on the road despite its standard look. It’s even possible that the BMW i4 M50 will beat any car it encounters on the road. A fantastic car that can do both – saving time and saving the earth.

The standard exterior look is continued inside the vehicle. According to Top Gear, this is a good decision BMW has made. You can’t tell the BMW i4 M50 is an electric car because it does away with annoying corporate terminology, emblems and badges. Sure, the blue accents and the “i4” badge at the rear may get your attention, but that’s about all. The interior of the i4 looks almost exactly like that of the normal 3 Series or 4 Series.

Some of the major improvements we can get from this award winner are found on the dashboard. While the rest of the BMW lineup gets the old infotainment system, the i4 gets the latest BMW Digital Cockpit and iDrive 8. Overall, we know the BMW i4 M50 will earn more awards in the future as a groundbreaking electric vehicle.

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