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[VIDEO] BMW i4 M50 Race Against Tesla Model 3 Performance

Car enthusiasts know BMW and the Tesla for their tight race; now it’s time to test how the i4 M50 matches against Model 3 Performance. Before reaching customers’ hands, the BMW i4 M50 will most likely arrive in showrooms around the world this year. In this segment, the i4 M50 will compete against Model 3 Performance as everyone aims to take down Tesla. Just as the new year began, the guys from CarWow prepared a drag race for these two models.

The BMW i4 M50 and Tesla Model 3 have somewhat similar specifications. Both of these cars have all-wheel drive and feature motors for each axle. However, the i4 M50 is a little heavy, although it produces a combined maximum power of 544 PS and 795 Nm of torque. The BMW i4 uses a body initially intended for the ICE models weighing 2,215 kilogrammes. And is also a heavily modified version of the CLAR platform.

Furthermore, a custom platform designed mainly for electric cars is what Tesla Model 3 Performance run. It weighs 1,845 kilos, making it lighter than the BMW. Thanks to BMW’s 490 PS and 660 Nm of torque, the Tesla is less powerful for BMW. With just 50 horsepower extra, can the BMW i4 M50 make up for the 25% weight difference?      

As you can see in the standing drag race, the BMW i4 M50 can keep up with the Tesla Model 3. Both BMW and Tesla raced side by side in the first quarter-mile run. However, BMW is not honest about the BMW i4 M50 genuine power figures. The German car pulls ahead towards the end of both runs. As observed, the rolling races have similar results. The i4 M50’s extra weight results in an automatic win for the Model 3 Performance in the brake test.

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