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Launching in 2028: Neue Klasse BMW i4 Coupe and i4 Convertible

BMW’s next-generation Neue Klasse chassis will usher in a new era. It will also feature the newest Gen6 battery technology and cylindrical cells. But that’s the dull details. Several intriguing new automobiles based on Neue Klasse’s debut in 2028, including the BMW i4 Coupe and Convertible.

The next-generation BMW i4 Coupe and Convertible will be based on the next-generation 4 Series/i4, according to Bimmerpost. No one knows what BMW’s design language will be in ten years, but it won’t contain beaver-tooth grilles.

Upon their respective releases, the BMW i4 Coupe and Convertible may also stand out as segment outliers. In the next six years, a lot may happen, but there are few sporty electric coupes. By 2028, we may witness an electric Audi A5, a Mercedes EQC Coupe, and electric Mustang and Camaro models from the U.S. The BMW i4, with its possible drop-top variant, may stand out from the crowd.

Now, everyone is in the dark about the state of the art in powertrain and battery technology. BMW’s unique cylindrical battery cell technology, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, Neue Klasse chassis, and up to 621 horsepower are the only details we have (1,000 km). Both the NA2 (coupe) and NA3 (convertible) chassis designations will be used. The current aim is to have it manufactured in Germany, but in the future, BMW may shift some EV production to one of its North American sites to take advantage of tax credits offered in the United States. That BMW is soon considering a midrange powered/priced electric sports car is exciting news. BMW’s i4 Coupe might be fun and look great if it had a conventional appearance. The new Neue Klasse chassis could revolutionise BMW’s design like the original did in the ’60s.

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