[Video] Double Donut: The M3 Competition and M 1000 RR Show

While we crave great-sugared and mouth-watering donuts, we imagine how donuts are perfectly shaped and powdered. However, eating some and you end up looking messy with all the fillings stuck on your fingers or mouth. But, in this story, we talk about another kind of donut, one that involves finishing tight circles which result in a series of circular ruts and skid marks. Double donut show matches BMW M and bikes . No wonder why even really old BMW shells are utilised for drift cars.

It’s interesting that this episode will bring us to different kinds of donuts, showcasing both a car and a bike in one big show. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the two best BMW automobiles. How will the BMW (car) and the BMW Motorrad (bike) bring us a wonderful exhibition? Made for fun, but designed in a well-managed environment, don’t try to do this when there are no professionals to handle your donut presentation. It’s a safety warning, especially that it can be dangerous to do as well.

Driving donuts can be tricky at times as it needs quite powerful rear wheels to do a great presentation. Thanks to the BMW 3 Competition, it has the perfect parts to help us achieve a good match. On the other hand, bikes display perfect features as they can send power to the rear wheels as well. The M 1000 RR is with the BMW 3 Competition in this presentation; it includes a BMW M-tuned system. Quick fact: Motorsport professionals designed the first bike.

We could all agree that it was a satisfying show as recorded in the video. Doing donuts could be that easy if you know how to operate a car with 510 horsepower or with over 200 on the motorcycle. It’s amazing to see this gets the interest of car enthusiasts like us, having a double donut show all for fun, though with proper gears and preparations.

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