2021 BMW R 18 bikes debut in The Cadillac Three music video

Earlier this week, BMW Motorrad virtually launched its 2021 BMW R 18 bikes. In still images, the new BMW R 18 B and R 18 Transcontinental reveal themselves online. Different types of debut are also available for these two models aside from the said images. Not only that, the music video for The Cadillac Three’s “Get After It” song is also a part of the celebration for the launching of these two models.


The video was shot just outside of Nashville, where the band is from, and it captures the two bikes in all their greatness. Lap-steel guitarist Kelby Ray, an avid rider says, “The ability to combine fantastic music and motorcycles is one of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration.” He further adds how for the first time, riding the new bikes was a genuinely special experience for him especially that he is the first to do this in the U.S.

You can never forget a moment where you travel with a massive engine right beneath you while listening to music. This just proves how priceless it is for generations of musicians to dedicate their songs to this kind of experience. As a result, BMW has recently signed a contract with Marshall. To live up to the high expectations of people for the 2021 BMW R 18 bikes gain a sound system during the music video.

It was designed in partnership with the British manufacturer. Both of the 2021 BMW R 18 bikes come with two-way speakers attached to the fairing’s front part. The classic look is also evident, thanks to the black speaker grilles matched with the white Marshall lettering. It has a sound system to deliver an even more comprehensive listening pleasure. The Marshall Gold Series Stage 1 and Stage 2 sound systems are optionally considered as previous integrations. With a total output of 280 watts and up to four loudspeakers and two subwoofers, the sound quality are unrivaled.

Neil Mason, the drummer, mentions that Marshall Amplifiers have been their great companion for a long time already. They agreed when asked to help the BMW launching the 2021 BMW R 18 bikes with their music video. First time in public, the two 2021 BMW R 18 bikes will have their official debutante August 6 in South Dakota, USA. The new BMW R 18 B and R 18 Transcontinental will go on sale worldwide in September 2021. 

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