[VIDEO]: Does the all-wheel drive make the BMW M4 better?

BMW enthusiasts go wild when there are changes in the Bavarian norms, as an angry mob. Astonishingly, the enthusiast community has enthusiastically embraced BMW M’s decision to offer xDrive all-wheel drive for the M3 and M4 models. The success of the M5’s all-wheel-drive has played a role in this. However, many enthusiasts are still unfamiliar with the concept of an M4 with an all-wheel drive.

It will be exciting to test both models and see if all-wheel-drive can make the M4 better. Previously, when the BMW M3 Competition was driven, the all-wheel-drive makes it better.

There’s no noticeable difference in balance or feel when you drive the BMW M4 xDrive compared to a conventional M4. The wonderful thing about it is that it runs so much faster and is much more programmable. Because the all-wheel drive is more stable, you don’t have to worry about understeer or other downsides. Switching off the front axle is as simple as pressing a button, and the M4 may then be driven as a standard rear-wheel-drive M4. Rear-wheel drive completely disables the traction and stability controls. Further, the M4 xDrive produces a total of 503 hp.

So it’s a wonder it took BMW so long to add all-wheel- drive to the M3/M4’s arsenal. Especially when you want to put down massive burnouts, it’s even more important to engage all-wheel drive. The BMW M4 remains better with the all-wheel- drive in it.

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