[VIDEO] BMW M2 Generates 600 Horsepower on the ‘Ring

With a new intake pipe, a bespoke tune and some modest aerodynamic measures, this BMW M2 is ready to rumble down the road. In other words, it’s a very well-tuned yet unobtrusive car that still makes 510 wheel horsepower despite the fact that no internal parts have been changed (600 at the crankshaft).

Even with ultra-sticky tyres, that’s a lot of power acting on just two rear wheels. Nevertheless, the BMW M2 drove around the Nordschleife with ease. For an M2, it has a surprising amount of power and proves to be quite fast. At Charoudin’s wheel, the M2 was a real beast on the track.

The expression on his owner’s face at the beginning of the lap is quite amusing. Staring wide-eyed at the speedometer, he was clearly concerned about letting someone else drive his car on the track for the first time. Although Charoudin appeared to be driving the car, the owner was probably more concerned about the fact that he did not seem to be holding back. Charoudin’s extensive Nürburgring experience has allowed him to hone his talents and master the track like no other journalist or YouTuber.

For anyone who owns a BMW M2 Competition and is thinking about tuning it, this video gives you an idea of how powerful and capable the car will be on the track. The M2 is known as a rear-heavy car, but that is certainly not the case, as this video proves. There’s no need to worry about tuning your M2 because of this.

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