[Video] BMW M2 CS vs F82 M4 Competition in a drag race

The BMW M2 CS and the F82 BMW M4 Competition are now set to compete in a drag race. Enthusiasts know that power and weight are among the important factors in this test. However, in addition to the two factors mentioned, the grip is also a vital factor. Even if the vehicle has full power but the driver can’t put it down, then it would also mean nothing. In this video, let’s find out which of the two models perform better.

The two cars use the same engine, as the M2 CS gets the M4 Competition upon release. Under the hood, the two have an upgraded version of the S55 3.0-litre inline-six mill that debuted in the M3 and M4 when the Fxx generation was introduced.

Due to emission rules, the original N55 engine was replaced with the S55 when the M2 was facelifted. In order to prevent the lighter M2 from overshadowing the larger and more expensive M3, it had to be detuned. However, BMW clarify that the M2 CS would get a Competition-spec version of the engine when it was launched. This is the 444 hp model of the M4 Competition (450 PS).

The video above therefore shows two cars with the same engine and gearbox both of which appear to be equipped with the seven-speed DCT automatic transmission, on a closed track in a straight line. One major difference between the two is their weight. The M2 CS is a little lighter than its counterpart.

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