[VIDEO] BMW 335i E90 With Mods Boasts 400 HP in the Autobahn

Back in the day, the 335i’s N54 boasted 300 hp and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. But even by today’s standards, these are respectable figures for a car. However, there are many who believe there is still room for improvement, and this subtly modified sedan is an excellent example.

On an unrestricted stretch of the Autobahn, its in-line six-cylinder engine can unleash 400 hp. Individual tuning aside, this 335i is remarkable for a number of reasons. To begin, it has an 18-inch BMW Individual wheels and a manual transmission. The previous owner added the dark blue leather inside and other premium additions as part of the Individual programme

YouTuber AutoTopNL, who is known for pushing cars to their limits on the magnificent German autobahns, spent some time with this 335i from his collection. In the video, we can see how it accelerates and reaches speeds of up to 280 kilometres per hour (174 mph). According to the speedometer checked by GPS, the sports saloon was only 165 mph ( 265 km/h). It is hard not to like this car because it is perfectly specified. Since there was no petrol particulate philtre, it was built before today’s emissions regulations. The 3.0-litre turbo engine sounds fantastic in a non-M car. There is no false sound coming out of the speakers either.

In addition, the performance is improved by around 100 hp through a recent power increase. Despite reaching the red line, the engine continues to pull even at higher speeds. The fact that the 3-series E90 was significantly lighter than the G20 on the market today also contributed to the car’s dynamic personality. This is another reason why we long for the good old days. However, we would feel safer in a modern 3-series than in this fifth-generation model.

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