2012 BMW 125d with M-Sport Package Test Drive by BMW Blog

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bmw-125d-test-drive-13-655x436The 2012 BMW 125d is powered by a 2.0 liter diesel unit delivering 218 hp and 450 Nm of torque, which was previously only attainable with 3.0 liter unit engines. Given its newly found prowess, what does it feel like to drive? Read the BMW Blog review excerpt to know:

What about the rest of the car? Well, it drives more like a sport coupe than a hatch and Switzerland is a good place to test a car’s agility. No, it isn’t like in Germany, and in the low-lying areas there are speed cameras everywhere and the police don’t tolerate excessive speeding on the highways. But there are plenty of roads in the mountains to rage on and I took the 125d for some switchback slaloming and instead of giving me a headache (which is what usually happens) the 125d could only bring smiles to my face at every turn.

The M-Sport package lowers the 1-Series by 10 mm which helps with the tight curves on those switchbacks without being unforgiving. There is a refined and fluid quality to the suspension that is hard to find in a car of this class. The Drive Performance Control has several modes that help with that, Sport and Sport Plus being the most fun to be in, of course. But on longer, straighter roads Comfort and Eco do just fine for a cozy, economical drive while never letting you feel like your missing any action.

The steering comes with a clarity that is characteristic and defining of the BMW brand, providing just the right amount of feedback but with a solid sense of command. It is not the most exciting but precision is what it aims for and it gets it down pat. But the car always felt more like a sport coupe than a hatch.

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