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BMW Blog compares two great diesel vehicles: the 2012 BMW X5 35d and the 2013 Porsche Cayenne Diesel. Having almost the same features, dimensions and six-cylinder diesel engines, this is expected to be very close. In the end, the X5 is just more fun to drive and the publication says, this will be worth your money. Here is an excerpt of their review:

The Porsche Cayenne diesel felt to me like it had more potential and was purposefully held back. When you realize that the Cayenne diesel has the exact same motor and transmission as the 200 lbs heavier 2013 Touareg TDI but that the VW does 0-60 in 0.3 seconds faster, it makes one really wonder if Porsche is indeed holding this Cayenne Diesel back. The throttle took more prodding to get the Porsche moving than the BMW and was less fun to drive than the more powerful BMW X5 35d. When you weigh outright costs to outfit the vehicles the same, the X5 represents a better value, but when has Porsche and value ever existed in the same sentence?

I suspect that in every other model comparison of the X5 vs Cayenne, Id give the nod to the Porsche but to me, this X5 diesel motor is just that good. I really dont think you could go wrong with either diesel, but if it were my money, Id buy the BMW X5 35d. Its just more fun to drive.