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    Check This Out The naturally aspirated engine is not dead yet according to BMW M CEO

    From BMWBlog .com - To find out more interesting BMW news and stories, visit their site here.

    BMW M CEO Dr. Friedrich Nitschke said in an interview with German magazine Auto Motor und Sport that “the naturally aspirated engine is not dead yet,” despite the current advantages of turbo engines in terms of efficiency and power output. Dr. Nitschke also says that at the moment turbocharged powerplants make more sense.

    In terms of car weight, Dr. Nitschke says that the sport division “has to live with the base,” and despite this, the M engineers managed to keep the M5 or M6 at a comparable mass with the top model from AG production cars. He is also confident that M cars will not continue to be heavier, instead, future cars will be lighter. The reason for the weight gain has always been meeting the global safety regulations and requirements. It is very difficult to reduce weight while continuing to meet all standards. However, M boss also said that they have a little more freedom than their colleagues in the mass production.

    When asked if the “new” M division more progressive than ever before? He says: “There is of course the question of how far we can electrify the powertrain. We work closely with colleagues from BMW i and one thing is certain: a full electrification will not work for us because the components necessary for the performance would simply be too difficult.” Which hints a potential M hybrid.

    The M Boss also confirmed that they are currently investigating if they can make a BMW super car. However, nothing has been decided yet.

    For more information on BMW M, contact:

    Munich Automobiles Singapore
    30 Teban Gardens Crescent Singapore 608927
    Showroom: 6899 6996 Service center: 6566 7666
    Munich Automobiles


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    Re: The naturally aspirated engine is not dead yet according to BMW M CEO

    The New AMG 5.5L V8 - YouTube

    Certainly not dead at the other side of the fence. Naturally aspirated V8 that does 8.5L/100km combined!

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