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BMW Blog gives us a review of the BMW M Carbon Racer especially designed for everyday commuting. They describe this garage companion of the Ultimate Driving Machine as one that "shares a true M badge" and "an excellent road bike for the athletic hobby cyclist." Learn more on this excerpt below:

BMW is credited with making cars that drive like no other. Most of the time you canít quite put your finger on one thing that you can say clearly that this is what makes a BMW better than other cars. Itís the synergy between all the components as a whole that sets the driving experience apart. With the BMW M carbon racer, I will say the same observation applies. It is simply the way the bike feels that gives me the confidence to ride further, climb effortlessly, and log more miles than some other bikes in my life.

I currently log between 80 and 100 miles per week during my twice weekly training routes, and I have yet to experience a failure, or a defect in workmanship (other than the wheels).

I have noticed that my training times and average speed have increased with this new bike. I attribute it to the lower weight, better components, and the fact I get to see the M badge every time I look down to glance at my speedometer, maybe itís a placebo affect but it works for me.

If youíre more than a casual cyclist and are looking to upgrade your bike, the BMW M Carbon racer will fit your needs all while complimenting your BMW lifestyle.