BMW Blog takes the BMW S1000RR for one week. It is tested on the streets and on the track. After sufficient experience behind the bike, BMW Blog creates a confident review about the fastest production superbike in the world. Unlike the Ducati, the BMW S1000RR allows the rider to take a comfortable position, and can easily meet the speed limits on the road, and exceed these limits on the track. Here's an excerpt of their review:

Thump thumpÖ Thump thumpÖ Thump thump..

No, this is not the sound of the engine. This is your heartbeat. Itís fast, around 110 beats per minute. And you havenít even turned it on yet. You turn the key, hit the starter button. A high pitched shrill rings out followed by a baritone hum. Itís already music to your ears. Donít you dare touch that throttle: the engine is still cold. A few minutes pass and you can give it a blip. Itís electric, the engine spinning up like nothing else this side of a Formula 1 power plant. Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump ThumpÖ Itís time to throw your leg over. This is the S1000RR, the fastest, most powerful production motorcycle in the world.


BMW havenít built a super car since the M1 of 1978. But they have built the fastest, most powerful superbike in the world. Taken from concept to production in only 4 years, BMW have re-written the textbooks in the superbike segment and achieved engineering feats fit for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The S1000RR is brilliant on the racetrack, playful around town, and ravishing from the side walk. After reveling in its stunning power and dynamism your pulse can finally settle down. But as you pull the key and turn to walk away, you canít help but look back and admire it as artwork. As your eyes lock on its flowing lines, your heart takes over.

Source: BMW Blog