BMW Blog did an interesting report on the BMW models that women want. It is true that majority of BMW enthusiasts are male, but there is also a big market for women BMW drivers. Does the female preferences differ from what men like? See the excerpt of the article below:

Recent studies show that generally women demand more from their vehicles than men do and are more particular about certain features and capabilities found in a car. In a recent article for Yahoo Autos, Tim Greig, interior design manager for General Motors, said that “what I’ve noticed in our market research, however, is that women tend to not only see the big picture but pay close attention to the details as well.”

Automakers value the importance of a large base of female customers and lots of marketing research and scenario-based approaches are being utilized to determine what a female driver is looking for in a car.

But what motivates female buyers? From market research done by automotive experts, and based on our own experience from conversing with BMW owners or female fans of the brand in general, we learned that safety, comfort, practicality and best-bang for the buck are top priorities for women car buyers.

Many of our Twitter and Facebook followers seem to be driving BMW SAVs, from the entry-level X3 to the highly versatile and comfortable X5. Not enough data is available for the X1, but we expect a large number of those models to go to female owners.

In our opinion, convertible bimmers come second. A few years ago, a survey showed that the previous generation BMW Z4 had the sixth highest percentage (60.31 percent) of female primary drivers. Despite what many might think, in the Chicagoland area, we tend to see more M3 Convertible female owners than in the smaller, more affordable and softer designed 1 Series Coupe. The Z4’s body blends convex and concave shapes inspired by a flame. Rumor is that when designing the Z4 roadster, Chris Bangle even commissioned a group of dancers so that he could model the roadster’s form in part based on their spontaneous body movement.

So we are going to take a chance here and without any official data available to us, will go ahead and list the top 10 BMWs that we believe have the most fans among female drivers. Right after our little stunt, we are going to open a survey where BMWBLOG’s female readers can list their favorite BMWs.

1. BMW 3 Series Sedan, Coupe and Convertible

2. BMW Z4

3. BMW X5

4. BMW X3

5. BMW M3 Convertible

6. BMW 1 Series Convertible

7. BMW 1 Series Coupe

8. BMW X1 (Europe)

9. BMW 3 Series Touring (Europe)

10. BMW 1 Series Hatchback (Europe)

Source: BMW Blog