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    Rims & Tyres BMW Group leads in promoting Run-flat Tires

    The run-flat tires safety system that is common today because of its advantages. More automakers are now offering run-flat tires for their cars. BMW and MINI has chosen to adopt the run-flat tires system with vehicle safety in mind.

    BMW says that the specially reinforced side walls and additional lateral strengthening allow the run-flat tires to still function even if there is no air pressure. In fact, the vehicle can continue driving for up to 150-250 km (this number varies per model) at a speed of up to 80 km/h without much loss in the stability of the vehicle.

    Because of the usefulness of the run-flat tires system, BMW is now the leading promoter of run-flat tires in the automotive industry. Almost all BMW vehicles today are equipped with run-flat tires. It is even available for Z4 and 5 Series 2003 models. The only BMW cars today that have the traditional performance rubbers are the M cars.

    BMW vice president of engineering, Tom Baloga, says that run-flat tires reduces the danger of changing a tire along the side of the road. This system also eliminates the need to carry a spare tire -- which saves up space and reduces the weight of the vehicle. BMW believes that run-flat tires are more eco-friendly as this reduces tire usage by 20%. With this effort, millions of tires, natural resources, and energy needed to make tires are saved.

    However, run-flat tires do not perform like traditional radial tires. It makes the ride harsher than using conventional tires, which does not make it a popular choice for those who prioritize the quality of the ride. Run-flat tires are also 20 to 30% more expensive than a conventional tires.

    Many tire producers such as Dunlop, Michelin and Bridgestone have adopted this system, but the development process continues to be a struggle. However, it is expected that as the development technology is perfected, the price and performance lag will be eliminated.

    Source: Autoweek
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    Re: BMW Group leads in promoting Run-flat Tires

    Runflat tyres are great should you suffer a puncture, but it seems that the cons it has on the ride outweight the pros of having it.

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