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Thread: The Power of 12: 2013 BMW 760Li Review by BMW Blog

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    Check This Out The Power of 12: 2013 BMW 760Li Review by BMW Blog

    From BMWBlog .com - To find out more interesting BMW news and stories, visit their site here.

    BMW Blog reviews the 2013 BMW 760Li on the road, a car which most enthusiasts might find boring because of its long wheel base that should be perfect for executives and not for an ultimate driving experience. However, this review says that this car is not conservative or boring, if you are behind the wheel. Read this excerpt below:

    “Enough about the engine!” you say, “how does it drive?” Honestly, I’d rather savour the engine. The 760Li is a graceful car that prefers a martini to a bar shot. It doesn’t really want to play, and would rather roll quietly down the road without attracting too much attention. At a recent press event in California I was afforded the opportunity to test the 760Li on twisty backroads, and when pressing on the car did everything as it should considering its mandate, without any drama or excitement – save for it’s neck-straining acceleration. After a hard run down a mountain side moderate brake fade was felt. The car understeers heavily, and this is to be expected thanks to its long wheelbase. Steering is light but accurate with decent feel and feedback, as is typical of all 7 series.

    Some have coined the 760iL the “M7″ of the brand – but I must whole-heartedly disagree. It is far closer in construction and feel to Rolls-Royce’ Ghost. There is truth to this statement as the Ghost’s chassis is based upon the 7 series’ frame and its V12 engine is in fact a stroked N74, gaining 0.6 liters of displacement and increasing output to 563 hp and 580 lb-ft of torque. The 760Li’s graceful body motions, silenced interior, calm demeanor and silky acceleration all harken back to my time behind the wheel of a Ghost.
    Read Full Review at BMW Blog


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    Re: The Power of 12: 2013 BMW 760Li Review by BMW Blog

    Calling Wobbles....time to junk your old F01 and upgrade to this 760Li....
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