Richard of BMW Blog had the opportunity to test drive the BMW M6 Gran Coupe in Munich. Read the excerpt of his review below during his first encounter with the muscular and aggressive car:

First impressions are, yes, of the speed and immediacy we know from the M5. Small throttle inputs have a satisfyingly positive effect here despite the twin turbos, meaning you can meter all 560 horses with exact precision. The massive tabletop mountain of torque ensures I have plenty enough without revving it out too, so the engine remains subdued.

And what a pleasant first run it is. Right away, you can feel the engineering precision that’s characteristic of M. Even in genteel use, it’s that much more accurate, precise and delicate than the standard car; the steering responds with a mite more clarity, the front end turns in with a sharper bite and more natural feel. On switchback German roads, I’m in a flow within minutes, gradually easing up the speed and delivery of power.

Those gnarled German backroads would ordinarily provide a heck of a challenge for a sports sedan running on 20-inch rims but this is another surprise the M6 Gran Coupe delivers: the ride is exceptional. Firm and a bit nibbly in town, yes, but incredibly pliant at faster speeds, with a real ability to absorb grotty surfaces. Well-damped body control is also plush, with the car breathing very nicely across undulating surfaces that mean you can carry deceptive speed without the car getting frenetic.

All very nice. But the nagging feeling it was all just a bit too pliant was gnawing away at me. What to do? Play with the buttons: dampers, steering, M-DCT. Getting better: a much sharper car was revealing itself. But it was all in stages and I wanted the real thing. Thank goodness for the M defaults on the steering wheel, then. One press and within a few hundred yards, it’s clear this is the M6 Gran Coupe I’ve been waiting for.
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