To help BMW enthusiasts decide if this car is worth the money, BMW Blog takes the new BMW M6 Coupe to the race track to know its exact capabilities and driving performance. Overall, they say without a doubt that this car is worth every penny. Here is an excerpt of their review:

Fast-forward to the corkscrew, and again the M6 displays great poise, turning in cleanly after a heavy braking zone. Re-weighting back into the track surface, the M6 now struggles to find grip as you go full throttle in 3rd gear exiting the cork-screw – the tail wiggling and the rear axles gripping the track surface. Next is a wide left hand sweeper, this corner has the right-side suspension loaded up, the car in a slight four wheel drift if taken correctly. The M6 has so much grip on offer that it tends to grip and shuffle, grip and shuffle over to the right instead of one continuous slide. Once again, special mention must be given to the Michelins – they really are excellent and work well with this package. The final turn is tight and presents a great place to break the tail loose should you choose to drift through. Like its four-door brother, the M6 makes for one spectacular drift car, all ingredients at the ready.

Finding a rhythm, the M6 felt continuously smaller and smaller around the track. As the laps wore on, I found myself more and more engaged by the driving experience – typically the opposite occurs in any car less than epic. And so, I would label the M6 an epic driving experience, should you have the good fortune to sample it. If you’re on the fence, debating its purchase: get off the fence and go write the check. This M car fittingly sits atop the heap at Garching. Yes, it’s too heavy, and we lament that. But so is the M3, and the M5, and the 1M.
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