BMW Blog shares with us their very own review of the new BMW M6 coupe. Overall, they find the car luxurious yet sporty, and says that this definitely feels like a very special car. Read an excerpt of their review below.

Traction control is flawless, I wouldn’t change a thing. When left in full nanny mode, you simply can’t put a tire wrong, no matter how clumsily you attempt to unleash all 500 lb-ft of torque. Those with a hankering for spirited drives will appreciate M dynamic mode (MDM) which allows for a good amount of wheel-spin and yaw before taking the reigns. You cannot drift the car in MDM mode, but you can manage mild slides before system intervention, enough to put a smile on your face. Less experienced drivers will appreciate MDM mode during track days, particularly wet track days, as 500 ft-lbs is a lot to manage.


While relaxing in the cabin you’ll also appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the interior. When you’re frequently surrounded by a gold standard, it can be hard to recognize the standard as gold. I’ve always appreciated the functionality and form-follows-function design of BMW interiors since the company’s inception. But after driving a V12 Vantage and spending some time sitting in the new Vanquish – I have a new appreciation for BMW’s interior quality. Aston Martin claim that second to Rolls-Royce, no car has as much hand-assembly involved in the production process. I would never have guessed. The Aston’s seats, dash and doors are beautifully crafted, but the center control column is made of plastics that look cheap and feel cheaper – barely a step above a base model GM car. When you press the buttons, they click like a child’s toy instead of offering up a positive feeling of engagement at your finger tips. They’re also a forensic officer’s dream as every finger laid upon the dash leaves a perfect fingerprint behind.
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