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BMW Blog went to the Hilton Head Island Concours díElegance to try out the F10 528i, equipped with the N20 engine. After putting the vehicle to the test, they found that this is a very good car in terms of comfort and economy. Learn why on this short excerpt below:

The F10 528i, as an all-round car and in perspective of the 5 Series range, is a good car at itís core but epitomizes the divergence in BMWís historic approach of producing cars that balance sport and luxury juxtaposed to the seemingly new path of more mid-range performance models that better bridge the gap between entry models and M cars. The 528i leans, very heavily, toward the luxury buyer market and for those looking for a sporting and tech-savvy sedan best look downward to the F30 335i or upward to the 535i as the N55 can better juggle the priorities of performance and economy compared to the two cylinders poorer N20.

If Iím honest, the F10 528i is likely my least favorite model Iíve sampled from BMWís current line-up as it left me feeling the cold shoulder in terms of driving dynamics. But judging a midsize sedan solely on that criteria would leave out massive portion of what it can offer a potential buyer. On the points of comfort and economy the 528i is spot-on and hard to find a fault and if Iím even more honest, thatís the reality of what the majority of 528i buyer will demand from BMW.