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BMW Blog had the opportunity to test drive the 2012 BMW 335i Luxury Line around the Monterey-Salinas Highway towards Salinas. The verdict: when put into Sport mode, the 2012 BMW 335i Luxury Line becomes very compelling -- one the best 3 Series yet. Here is an excerpt of their review:

Yes, this is the best 3 Series yet – it’s fun, luxurious, sounds good, looks good, handles well and will overwhelm you with the levels of technology buried within the car. We haven’t touched on the customizable apps and social media integrated into iDrive!

As the golden sun slipped below the horizon, we found ourselves back in Monterey and on to our hotel, The Clement,sitting bayside. Leaving the 335i Luxury Line behind, another revelation struck me: the 335i Luxury Line isn’t a softened up car. It’s a joy to drive and surprisingly, on par with the 335i Sport Line in terms of fun factor. the E90 chassis and previous 3 Series felt a bit soft and less focused with equipped with only Premium Package and not the coveted Sports Package.

The F30 manages to close the gap between Sport and Luxury by a significant margin. As an enthusiast, that goes against the grain of everything I should want in a car – but I think, for an all-round car, one that rewards around town and performs on the the local back roads – the 335i Luxury Line might just be an option that will surprise you.

Yes, the run flats still have the ability to ruin the overall ride of the car. Yes, the F30 335i is an expensive proposition in any of the three available lines and yes, it isn’t a naturally aspirated big six – but it is convincing enough to make you forget all of those things and just get down to the business of enjoying the driving experience.