[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29MSeBkMWjs&]YouTube - BMW 128i Review by BMWBlog[/ame]

BMW Blog took the 128i -- the smallest BMW convertible -- to a week long test drive. The verdict is on the excerpt below:

Overall the 128i convertible is a good car though not a great car. It has the feel of a smaller BMW and surprised me with the sense of connection to the pavement it can provide. But the question remains – is the criticism it receives justified as being a “lesser BMW?”

Well, no, it doesn’t. It’s definitive BMW in the smallest, roofless form you’ll get here in the U.S. Unfortunately, the general perception seems to be that the 128i ‘vert is a bit dainty and feminine in non-M Sport guise. This perception seems to nullify the exhaust note, short-throw gearbox and well-bolstered seats. Did I mention how much fun it is to just cruise around town with the top down?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to defend the 128i as a true driving car with its somewhat ponderous handling. Though, is any convertible below a Porsche Boxster ever going to be credited as a car with superior handling? Probably not, so if you want a comfortable, sporting littler chop-top that’s fun around town then the 128i convertible is a good option. If you’re looking for a car with better driving characteristics and is a bit cheaper – then consider the 128i Coupe for a little bit better bang for the buck.

And if you’re put off by the 128i Convertible because of what someone else might think of it then perhaps you’re buying criteria is off in the first place.

Source: BMW Blog